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Our two oldest sons in 1985.
Let's start with the live animal.  Typically we process an animal at approximately 1000 lbs.  A typical animal this size will be 500-600 hanging weight.  This is the weight we use for pricing.

In general, hanging weight divides up approximately into:

15-25% steaks - 25% roasts - 25-35% ground beef - 20-25% bone and fat.

Some of the bone and fat will be included in the weight of the individual meat packages, so depending on the cuts you choose, the unusable portion of the animal could be between 25 and 35%.  Our processor does an excellent job of removing most of the bone, so you get the most meat!

You will have complete choice of how you want your meat cut.  You can choose more steaks, less roasts, the thickness of your steaks, how many steaks per package, the size of your roasts, and the size of your hamburger packages. 

There will also be stew meat, ribs, and your choice of heart, liver, and soup bones.


As mentioned before, we price by hanging weight.  There are no other costs involved, as this price includes the cutting, wrapping, and farm harvest.

These figures are just approximations, to give a general idea.  The final price will depend on the actual size of the animal. 

Whole beef :  Approx.  600-700 lbs. hanging weight X $4.25/lb. = $2550.00-$2975.00
Half beef:   Approx.  300-400 lbs. hanging weight X $4.25/lb. = $1275.00-$1700.00
Quarter beef:  Approx 150-200 lbs. hanging weight  X $4.50/lb. = $675.00-$900.00

Occasionally we have hamburger cows available, for those we charge $3.50/lb. hanging weight, email me for more information. :)
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