Paul n Dalene Olson

Our story begins in Kent, WA, where Paul grew up on his dad's dairy.  In 1964, their family moved the dairy down to the present farm in Lewis County, WA, where we met.  Paul loved working outside with his dad on the dairy, milking cows, feeding calves, hauling manure, and doing fence work; just a few of the countless everyday chores that needed to be done.  We were married in 1975, and after finishing his schooling at WSU in agronomy, Paul and I moved back to the farm, and took over the dairy, as Paul's dad was ready to retire.  We rented the farm for a few years, and then in 1981, decided that this was what we wanted to do, and began purchasing the dairy.

Even though "organic" wasn't in the limelight at that time, we always followed safe field and animal practices, only using treatments when absolutely necessary, and not using commercial fertilizers or herbicides.  We never used hormones.

As our five children grew, we enjoyed our own pure milk and beef, and the kids grew up working and playing on the farm.  They all got a taste of milking, working in the hay, and driving tractor in the fields.  And, of course, chasing cows in the middle of the night when the fence broke! :)

We smoothly transitioned to Certified Organic in 2000, when the option to ship organic milk was introduced to our area.  Then in 2006, with our main source of farm help leaving, we decided to go to full-time beef.

After dairying for most of his life, Paul was a little shell-shocked, but the rewards have been many.  We still have plenty to do, with taking care of the animals, and putting up our own organic silage and hay, but it's wonderful to have some time for hobbies and to spend time with our grown children and grandchildren.

With approximately 40 years of experience with animals, hard work, and a genuine care for our environment and our customers, we would love to meet your family's nutritional needs!
Paul and Dalene Olson

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