Paul n Dalene Olson
PnD Organic beef
The place to find good things to eat!

Our angus herd is pasture-raised,
Wholesome and good in so many ways.

Antibiotic and hormone free,
Nutritious and safe for your family.

We've farmed for more than 30 years,
First dairying, then angus steers.

Experience and hard work pays,
Healthy, happy cows to raise.

When you choose a 1/4, 1/2, or whole,
You choose quality you can control.

From tender steaks and meat for stew,
To pot roasts and hamburger, to name a few.

Flavorful and lean, our meat is amazing,
Our cows will all tell you when they are not grazing.

So if you are choosy, your family to feed,
Check out our beef, you'll be happy indeed!!
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